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 [Release] Criminal Case Hack

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PostSubject: [Release] Criminal Case Hack    Wed May 29, 2013 6:12 am

A lot of buttons and options.. Enjoy!

Also thanks to sakurase and DaSpamer for info and help

Added Hotkeys ctrl+z = freeze ctrl+x = unfreeze, ctrl+b=apply booster
score hack, ctrl+c =apply click anywhere and enable boosters
reimbursement. fine tuned TA3-TA5
Added "bonus high score hack"
This will allow you to get a high score of 1120000 without having to reload.

When enabling boosters( on teammate selection screen) the coins that
get shown when adding boosters 9+ millions is just there so you can add
boosters. The boosters will be free until you refresh/reload ( will
reflect server saved coins). The server holds the amount you truly have
of coins. So keep that in mind don't go trying to buy cloths etc as it
will deduct from your true coins amount. but boosters will be free.

Added button for score hack with bonuses ..
1. Freeze when tape is broken/words show up at bottom.
2. Click once on screen/puzzle
3. click bonus score hack button.
4. finish clicking til all items found
5. unfreeze

INF Timer

The score hacks on the right 1- 5 are used on a scene where you reloaded
web page/frame (when heading to ..... ) you will know you are on an
infinite time scene when instead of time on the top left you see a
symbol of ∞ . If you are working on the first 3 stars I suggest
reloading and using the ∞ Time score hacks to get 1 mil each scene. no
need to use boosters before reloading. When working on stars 4 and 5
use boosters and freeze game. it is quicker then having to reload and on
the 5 star you will get more points then the ∞ score hack.

1. when it shows (heading to... ) enable/click the click anywhere button and wait for confirmation.
2. Then click to start the scene
3. click the freeze button when the tape is torn. I suggest not playing in full screen mode so you can click the freeze button.
4. click once in the puzzle to start getting a score.
5. click the number on the trainer that coincides with the star you are trying to get .. 1 = first start 2 = second star etc.
6. click until you have gotten all the items 6 out of 6 , 10 out of 10 etc.
7. Unfreeze /Done (if you dont use the freeze button you will have to
click the (clear(disable)) button due to being able to use the ∞ hack
again without restarting trainer

update v.34 Added Spot the difference booster high score button to get 1,200,000 high score
updated v.33 added link to video and i think i fixed BTA 2 and 3. which i think they changed did they not?
Updated v.32 gave it a new look to make it a bit smaller. Fixed BTA 1 - BTA 3 values to be correct.
updated v.31 changed hotkeys to have ctrl+ the hotkey. Fixed issue with "unslow" not disabling BTA5
updated v.3 Fixed issue when unfreezing it did not disable BTA5 (behind the scenes)
updated v.2 Hotkeys z = freeze x = unfreeze, b=apply booster score hack,
c =apply click anywhere and enable boosters reimbursement. fine tuned
ADded video to show use. Notice my coins didn't go to 9999999 but i still get reimbursed. on reloead
Update v.0.19 Added some buttons for Time attach scores since they do
things differently. Also added buttons back to do clickanywhere
separately as it does take a long time to enable the booster/anywhere
button. and will help with people who do not have option for boosters
Update V0.16 Redesigned buttons made the Click anywhere and enable free
boosters all in one button since they can be enabled at the same time in
the game. and i tried clarified
the steps. Have fun!
update v0.16 for some reason I packaged up v0.14 in the v 0.15 which wasn't done and was missing working free boosters..
Update V0.15 Redesigned buttons made the Click anywhere and enable free
boosters all in one button since they can be enabled at the same time.
and clarified the steps. Have fun!
update v0.09 Edited some of the working etc as inf timer hack is not the
best way to get the highest score. Also did some more fixing on seeing
the temp 9 mil coins
Update v0.08 fixed issue where the 9 mil temp coins for boosters was not working.
update v0.07 Added the Bonus hack score gives you max score when using bonuses
update v0.05 more fine tuning for displaying 9 + mil coins when booster hack is enabled.
update v0.04 fixed issue with time attack score. Use number 5. when
using boosters the smoke screen of coins should be more reliable
update v0.02 Fixed issue with click anywhere with time attack board.

Download Link

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[Release] Criminal Case Hack

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